The guide you need to snorkel in the Serra de Tramuntana

Diving into the crystal clear waters and discovering an underwater world full of color and life in the Serra de Tramuntana in Mallorca is one of Spain’s best things to do. In this guide, we’ll take you on a journey through the best snorkeling spots in this stunning mountain range. If you’re a lover of aquatic paradise, read on!


Preparation: Essential Snorkel Equipment

Snorkel guide Serra de Tramuntana

Before you dive into the Mediterranean waters of the Serra de Tramuntana, make sure you pack the right equipment. You will need:

Mask and Snorkel: The key to enjoying snorkeling is good underwater vision. Invest in a quality mask and a comfortable snorkel.

Fins: These will help you move around easily and explore further.

Wetsuit: Although Mediterranean waters are warm, a lightweight wetsuit can be useful for comfort and protection.

Biodegradable Sunscreen: Protect your skin and the delicate marine ecosystems.


Why Snorkel in Serra de Tramuntana?

Cova des Vell Marí (Cave)

The UNESCO World Heritage-listed Serra de Tramuntana doesn’t merely boast staggering mountain landscapes but also hosts secret underwater coves and biologically rich marine habitats. Explore secretive underwater caves, marvel at the lively schools of fish, and bask in the warm Mallorcan sun as you float atop the gentle, undulating waves.


The Best Snorkeling Spots in north Mallorca

Cala Tuent Boat Hire Mallorca MaksyBoats

Cala Deià

With turquoise waters and rich marine life, Cala Deià is a snorkeler’s paradise. Explore the rock formations and discover schools of colorful fish.

Port de Sóller

With easy access from the beach, this spot is perfect for beginners. Discover underwater meadows; you might even find some unique species!

Sa Calobra

Known for its impressive gorge, Sa Calobra also offers exceptional snorkelling opportunities. Explore the underwater caves and marvel at the diversity of marine life.

Cala Tuent

Away from the crowds, Cala Tuent offers tranquillity and crystal-clear waters. Be prepared to encounter schools of fish and possibly curious octopus.


Who would snorkel within the Tramuntana more professionally?

Cala Tuent by boat


We can’t recommend you enough to do the snorkelling route with one of our boats, as you’ll always find the equipment you need to do the aquatic activities you like the most, whether you’re an expert or not. Our boats adapt to the routes that lovers of the underwater world want to do, and our team knows perfectly the most amazing places and will recommend you 100%.


Our friends at Octopus are located right on the Marina promenade in the Port of Sóller, they are our neighbors, they have a whole host of professional equipment and offer complete diving courses, they have a shop, instructors and all the equipment is available for hire, we recommend them to become a real expert!

Excursions with Sóller Divers

Soller Divers - Diving Mallorca

If you opt more for scheduled or group excursions, we recommend Sóller Divers, with whom you can specialise more in the aquatic world in the company of friends. They know the whole place inside out, so don’t hesitate to visit them. 


Tips for an Optimal Experience snorkeling in Mallorca

Time of Day: Choose to snorkel early in the morning or at sunset to enjoy calmer waters and better visibility.

Respect for Nature: Remember that you are exploring a fragile ecosystem. Don’t touch or disturb marine animals and respect local conservation rules.

Explore Safely: Always snorkel with a buddy and stay in safe, designated snorkelling areas.

Capture the Moment: Bring an underwater camera to capture the unique beauty of your adventures – the photos will be memories you’ll keep forever!

Book Early: Snorkelling excursions can be popular, so be sure to book in advance, especially during peak season.

Quality Equipment: Make sure the snorkelling company provides high-quality equipment to ensure your comfort and safety.

Check sea conditions: Before you set off, check the sea conditions to make sure they are safe and suitable for snorkelling.


With this guide, you’re ready to dive into the underwater wonders of the Serra de Tramuntana. So, get your gear ready, take a deep breath and dive into a snorkelling experience you will remember for a lifetime.


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