Daily fresh fish and dream views in Cala Deià

Today we want to tell you about a fantastic restaurant that we can access by sea, in just half an hour of navigation (or less) sailing from Port de Sóller: Ca’s Patró March, in Cala Deià.

But before talking about this awesome restaurant, we have to talk about its location: Cala Deià. It is a small rocky cove, located at the foot of the beautiful mountain village of Deià and Serra de Tramuntana.

Cala Deià is a popular destination on the north coast of Mallorca, so it is highly recommended to access by sea, to avoid traffic problems and enjoy this wonderful place in a relaxed way. Clean and crystal clear waters offer the perfect environment to enjoy a day of snorkeling, alternating with sunbathing on the deck of your boat, again to avoid possible agglomerations on the beach,  especially in the summer months.

Ca’s Patró March

Its privileged location by the sea, on top of a small cliff overlooking the clear waters of Cala Deià, is one of its strong points. Its appearance, somewhat rustic, makes us think of the fishermen who lived here for years, when fishing was a way of subsistence.

That local fresh fish is the specialty of Ca’s Patró March: fish caught on the same day. For example, its lobster grilled, caught a few hours before and accompanied by salad and chips.

Another attraction of restaurant reste is the possibility of finding celebrities, as actors and actresses. This location became popular thanks to its appearance in internationally screened TV mini-series ‘The Night Manager’, based on the John Le Carré book and largely filmed on Mallorca.

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