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We invite you to discover our 2 BOAT ROUTES along the North Coast of Mallorca having beautiful Port de Sóller as a starting point. A sailing experience that will allow you to enjoy in a privileged way the beauty of the north coast of Mallorca, included in the World Heritage of the Serra de Tramuntana.

During this little adventure you can become a captain for one day, swim and snorkel in crystal clear waters, discover beautiful hidden coves, access exclusive restaurants, practice water sports and, in short, live an unforgettable experience that, possibly, will become the best memory of your holidays in Mallorca.

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Serra de Tramuntana, Mallorca
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Sa Foradada & Cala Deià boat trip

Boat Rental Na Foradada Mallorca from Port de Sóller with MaksyBoats

We set sail southwest from Port de Sóller, bound for the iconic Sa Foradada rock. Along the way we find enclaves of enormous attraction, such as the popular Cala Deià, where we have the opportunity to disembark to visit the well-known restaurant “Ca’s Patró March“, frequented by celebrities.
Once in Sa Foradada, we can enjoy a swim in the transparent waters of its bay, impressed by the grandeur of the rock, before disembarking in its picturesque port and climbing the stairs to the Sa Foradada restaurant.

This 12 nautical mile tour is possible with rental boats without license (perfect for beginners). Of course, we can also enjoy it with our powerful boats with license, or on board one of our fantastic charters commanded by an expert captain who will show you the beauty of the north coast.

In all cases, we can enjoy the beauty of Mallorca at our own pace, without crowds or rush.

Route Map

Featured Locations

Sa Foradada

Sa Foradada, Mallorca by Fernando Prieto

One of the most iconic places on the northern Mallorcan coast is undoubtedly Sa Foradada, a small L-shaped land peninsula that juts out into the sea. What gives a special stamp to this place is the final promontory, pierced in its interior by a huge hole (in Mallorcan, forat), which gives its name to this place.

Na Foradada is today one of the most famous images of Mallorca. It is inevitable to run into her on the postcards of souvenir shops and on any television report or tourist guide dedicated to the island. However, as with almost everything, it is more impressive to see it live than in photography.

Undoubtedly, one of the best ways to get to know Na Foradada is from the sea. On board a boat we can approach and admire the unique hole, as well as dive in its clean and crystal clear waters. In addition, we can enjoy a delicious meal in the exclusive restaurant by the sea, overlooking Na Foradada. An experience you will never forget.

Cala Deià

Cala Deià, Mallorca

The small and beautiful Cala Deià is located between Punta de Son Beltran and sa Pedrissa, where a defense tower was built against pirate raids. Like other coves of the North Coast of Mallorca, it is very close to the imposing mountains of the Tramuntana.

This beautiful cove, surrounded by medium cliffs, crowned by scrubland and pine forest, ends in a semicircular beach where a stream flows and beautiful terraces rise. Thick sand and gravel make up its paradisiacal slope with a pronounced slope. On the margins there is a small pier, “escars” (small refuges for typical boats of Mallorca) and some restaurants, highly praised for their rice and grilled fish. It is usual in summer to coincide with popular characters of international scope.

In the summer months it is a very popular destination, but by accessing by sea we can enjoy a different perspective than usual, as well as the possibility of enjoying a more intimate and relaxed atmosphere.


Sa Calobra & Torrent de Pareis boat trip

Boat Hire with License Port de Sóller, Tarpon 590 LX

Sailing northeast, the majestic beauty of this coastal tour will leave us impressed along the entire route. Along the way, many attractions await us, such as the narrow pass of Sa Illeta, the mysterious Cave of Llop Marí, or the mouth of the Torrent de Na Mora, where it is possible to enter when the sea is calm.
Before reaching Sa Calobra we will visit the Tramuntana emerald pearl: the beautiful Cala Tuent, the perfect place to anchor and recharge before finishing the route with one of the biggest tourist attractions in Mallorca: the picturesque port of Sa Calobra and one of the largest natural wonders of the Serra de Tramuntana: the mouth of the Torrent de Pareis and its beautiful beach flanked by cliffs.

This 17 nautical mile tour can only be done with rental boats with a sailing license, or on board one of our fantastic boat charters commanded by an expert captain who will show you the beauty of the north coast.
In both cases, we can enjoy the beauty of Mallorca at our own pace, without crowds or rush.

Route Map

Featured Locations

Cala Tuent

Cala Tuent, Serra de Tramuntana

Cala Tuent is located between the Punta de sa Corda and Morro des Forat, at the foot of the Puig Major (1,445 meters of altitude), the highest peak of Balearic Islands.

In this beautiful sea entrance we find a semicircular beach between rocks, whose slopes have leafy pine forests. The sand on the first line gives way to boulders and coarse gravel.

In Cala Tuent it ends (or begins) “sa Costera”, one of the most beautiful excursions that can be done in Mallorca. MaksyBoats offers transport service for the most adventurous visitors who wish to walk this fantastic route on foot.

Sa Calobra & Torrent de Pareis

Torrent de Pareis Mallorca

The small port of Sa Calobra is located between Morro de sa Vaca and Morro de ses Fel·les, at the foot of the Puig Major (1,445 meters of altitude), the highest peak of the Balearic Islands.

The claim of this beach of sand, gravel and pebbles, is behind the pedestrian tunnel that borders the cliffs, giving access to the beautiful and paradisiacal mouth of the Torrent de Pareis, source of inspiration for artists and where every summer a concert is held thanks to its excellent acoustics.

Sa Calobra is one of the most visited enclaves in Mallorca, both by tourists and locals. However, the access by sea in small boat, offers the possibility of enjoying this unique enclave without overcrowding.

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