Local guide for your holidays in the Serra de Tramuntana, Mallorca

The local guide you need for a few days in the Serra de Tramuntana: sunset, hiking, boat trips and gastro recommendations.

Sóller and its port —Port de Sóller— are two jewels on the north coast of the island of Mallorca. Both places offer a wide variety of activities for visitors, from relaxing on the beach to exploring nature and local history.


Hiking and more around Sóller

In Sóller, the visitor cannot fail to admire the town’s impressive modernist architecture, which is reflected in its historic buildings such as the church of San Bartolomé or the Casa de la Luna. It is also possible to explore the narrow alleys of the old town and enjoy the local culture by visiting the weekly market in the main square every Saturday morning where the most local products merge with the imposing mountains.

Hiking Trails

For nature lovers, the Sóller Valley offers many options for hiking and enjoying the panoramic views and here we have selected a few not to be missed:

Hike from Biniaraix to Cúber: this 9 km route starts in the picturesque village of Biniaraix, just a few minutes from Sóller, and ends at the Embalse de Cúber, a mountain lake surrounded by spectacular scenery. The route follows an ancient stone path and offers breathtaking views of the Tramuntana mountain range.

Cúber reservoir, Serra de Tramuntana
Cúber reservoir, Serra de Tramuntana

Torrent de Pareis hike: this route is one of the most popular in the Serra de Tramuntana, with impressive rock formations and cliffs that create a stunning natural landscape. The route starts in the village of Escorca and follows the canyon of the Torrent de Pareis until it reaches the beach of Sa Calobra.

Mola de Son Pacs Hike: this 8 km route starts at the Plaza de la Constitución in Sóller and climbs up to the top of the Mola de Son Pacs, which offers breathtaking views of the coast and the mountains. The route follows ancient stone paths and passes through forests and olive groves.

Sa Figuera route: this hiking route starts at the port of Sóller and follows a path that climbs up to the top of Sa Figuera, which offers spectacular views of the bay of Sóller and the Tramuntana mountain range. The path also passes ancient stone terraces and offers a great opportunity to explore the history and culture of the area.

Coll de l’Ofre ascent: This route starts at the Refugio de Muleta, a few minutes drive from Puerto de Sóller, and follows a stone path that climbs up to the Coll de l’Ofre, which offers stunning views of the coast and the mountains. The route also passes through Holm oak forests and offers a great opportunity to explore the local flora and fauna.

Remember to always wear suitable clothing and footwear and enough water and food for the hike. It is also important to respect the environment and follow the conservation rules of the area.

Restaurants and more in Port de Sóller

In Port de Sóller, visitors can enjoy beach and water sports, such as paddle surfing and kayaking, or simply relax in the many bars and restaurants by the sea. It is also possible to take a boat trip along the north coast of Mallorca or visit the Cap Gros lighthouse from where you can admire a beautiful sunset if you visit between March and July. Undoubtedly, if your option is to get to know the Serra from the sea in its golden hour, Maksyboats is the best option for this, as it offers possibilities also to those without a skipper with its unlicensed options and from the ocean, any month is a good month to say goodbye to the sun.

Restaurants in Port de Sóller

After the boat ride, the harbor promenade is a perfect place to stroll along and enjoy an alfresco dinner in one of the many restaurants and bars that are located there – we’ve made a list of local recommendations that you can’t miss!

Nautilus: This restaurant is located in the upper part of the port of Sóller and is famous for its delicious Mediterranean food and relaxed atmosphere during the golden hour (amazing sunsets). It offers a wide selection of local dishes, including fresh fish and seafood, as well as an excellent taste in wines.

Nautilus Restaurant - Port de Sóller
Nautilus Restaurant – Port de Sóller

Es Canyis: This restaurant is located on Repic Beach and is known for its excellent food and family atmosphere facing the sea. It offers a wide selection of Mediterranean dishes as well as vegetarian and vegan options. It also has a beautiful outdoor terrace overlooking the beach.

Kingfisher: This restaurant is very popular for its delicious British and Mediterranean dishes. Here you can enjoy homemade burgers, fresh salads, fish and chips, among other dishes. Kingfisher also has a beautiful terrace overlooking the harbor.

Es Passeig: Located in front of the sea, this restaurant offers Mediterranean cuisine, with an emphasis on fresh fish and seafood. The menu includes a variety of traditional Mallorcan dishes, such as seafood paella, lobster caldereta and sobrasada with honey.

Patiki Beach: This restaurant is ideal for lovers of fusion cuisine and innovative flavors. A chic beach bar on the sand with sauces you’ll never taste anywhere else. They also have a wide selection of natural wines and creative cocktails and live music every weekend.

Patiki Beach Port de Sóller
Patiki Beach Port de Sóller

And finally, Neni Food (inside the Bikini Hotel): if you want to enjoy a different experience and a fusion of Mediterranean and Lebanese food in a unique setting, this is the place to go. If its food doesn’t go unnoticed, its décor is no less so.

Bikini Hotel Port de Sóller
Bikini Hotel Port de Sóller

In short, Sóller and its port offer a unique experience, blending history, culture and nature in a unique setting on the island of Mallorca.

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