Furrowing the skies of Mallorca

At MaksyBoats we are used to having a different point of view of Mallorca. On board a ship, we are able to enjoy a Majorca that remains hidden for most of the visitors of the island.

Something similar happens to our friend César Canudas, head instructor of Madventure Mallorca. César is a 31 years old mallorcan, settled in Sóller. His father’s love for aviation made him, from a very young age, his biggest dream was to fly. At age 17 he made his first flight, when he discovered that paragliding was the sport he wanted to pursue professionally. During these 12 years of experience, he has not stopped flying, becoming professional and performing several feats.

We have known César for a long time, and we know well of his passion and his professionalism. So when he proposed to fly, we could not refuse…

In the moments before the flight, I was quite nervous, I must admit. The takeoff arrives. We run. The first meters in the air. My feet moving away from the earth … Moments of uncertainty and fear. Suddenly, the higher we climbed, I felt invaded by feelings of peace, tranquility… and happiness. Incredible, it was an impressive flight. Difficult to express with words. And in the end, when you touch the ground again, the only thing you are fully aware of is that you want to fly again.

We really like Madventure’s motto. It is part of our philosophy of life, and that of our company. Yes, we totally agree with him.

Limits only exist in your mind

And you, do you dare to fly?

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