Boat Rental in Mallorca for a Week: Guide to Unforgettable Experiences

Embarking on a long-term yacht charter —a week or a month— around Mallorca opens the door to a world of boundless exploration, where the azure waters of the Mediterranean beckon and the island’s treasures unfold before your eyes. Get ready for a journey of a lifetime as we guide you through a curated list of unforgettable experiences to make the most of your extended stay in this Balearic gem.

Navigating Paradise: A Guide to Unforgettable Experiences During Your Long-Term Yacht Charter in Mallorca


Things to do in Mallorca during a week (or a month)


1. Sail the Rugged Coastline: Discover Hidden Coves and Secluded Beaches

Ca's Patró March Restaurant in Cala Deià, Mallorca
Ca’s Patró March Restaurant in Cala Deià, Mallorca

Mallorca’s coastline is a sailor’s dream, offering a mosaic of rugged cliffs, hidden coves, and pristine beaches. Chart your course to secluded spots like Cala Varques or Cala Pi, where crystal-clear waters invite you to anchor and revel in the serenity of your private paradise.


2. Explore Palma’s Historic Charm: Dive into Culture and Architecture

La Lonja, Palma de Mallorca
La Lonja, Palma de Mallorca

Palma de Mallorca, the island’s capital, is a treasure trove of history and culture. Spend a day exploring the narrow streets of the old town, marvel at the imposing Palma Cathedral, and immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of La Lonja. Don’t forget to indulge in local tapas at one of the charming bodegas.


3. Mallorcan Cuisine Odyssey: Culinary Delights Aboard and Ashore

Restaurant Bens d'Avall
Restaurant Bens d’Avall

Treat your taste buds to the authentic flavors of Mallorcan cuisine. Onboard your yacht, savor local specialties prepared by a private chef, and when you step ashore, venture to waterfront restaurants like Celler Sa Premsa in Palma or Ca Na Toneta in Caimari for a gastronomic journey through the island’s delectable offerings.


4. Hike the Tramuntana Mountains: Panoramic Views and Natural Wonders

Hiking Serra de Tramuntana, Mallorca

For those seeking adventure on land, the Tramuntana Mountains offer breathtaking hiking trails. Navigate the winding paths to places like Puig de Galatzó or Sa Dragonera, reveling in panoramic views of the island and the Mediterranean Sea. Be sure to pack a picnic and enjoy the serenity of Mallorca’s untouched landscapes.


5. Dive into Underwater Wonders: Snorkeling and Scuba Diving 

Mallorca’s underwater world is a kaleidoscope of marine life and vibrant coral. Anchor near renowned dive sites like El Toro or the Cabrera Archipelago and dive into the crystal-clear depths. Whether you’re a seasoned diver or a snorkeling enthusiast, Mallorca’s aquatic wonders will leave you awe-struck.


6. Festivals and Local Celebrations: Immerse Yourself in Island Life

Check the local calendar for festivals and celebrations happening during your stay. From the vibrant Sant Joan festival in June to the traditional Fira de Sóller, these events provide a unique insight into Mallorca’s rich cultural tapestry. Join locals in their celebrations and create lasting memories.


7. Boutique Shopping and Art Galleries: Discover Mallorca’s Creative Spirit

Palma is a haven for shopping enthusiasts, offering everything from high-end boutiques to local markets. Stroll through the lively streets of Passeig del Born or explore the art galleries in Sant Feliu, discovering the island’s creative spirit and unique craftsmanship.


8. Wellness Retreats: Indulge in Serenity

Mallorca’s serene landscapes make it an ideal destination for wellness retreats. Arrange for on-board yoga sessions or visit one of the island’s luxurious spas for a rejuvenating experience. Let the tranquility of the Mediterranean set the stage for ultimate relaxation.


9. Sunset Cruises: Toast to Day’s End in Style

Cap off your days with a spectacular sunset cruise along the Mallorcan coast. The warm hues reflecting on the water create a magical atmosphere. Whether enjoyed from the comfort of your yacht or from a secluded beach, the sunset in Mallorca is a daily spectacle not to be missed.


10. Anchor in Hidden Ports: Find Your Secluded Oasis

Sailing Catamaran Bali 4.6

Mallorca is dotted with charming ports that offer a tranquil escape from the bustle. Anchor in hidden gems like Port de Sóller or Portocolom, where the charm of small fishing villages and the warmth of the locals create an intimate atmosphere.


A long-term yacht charter around Mallorca is not just a voyage; it’s an odyssey. Embrace the freedom of the open sea, the warmth of the Mediterranean sun, and the rich tapestry of experiences that await. Whether you’re an adventurer, a culture connoisseur, or a relaxation seeker, Mallorca has something extraordinary to offer.

Your maritime saga in Mallorca awaits—set sail and let the island’s magic unfold with all of our options:

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