Taking care of Posidonia

Today we want to take advantage of our blog and social networks to get our clients and friends a topic that we think is of vital importance. One of the values of MaksyBoats is the commitment to sustainability and caring for our environment, and that is why we want to contribute to the awareness-raising work.

The Balearic Islands in general, and Mallorca in particular, have waters and beaches of great quality and cleanliness. The biggest responsible for this is a marine plant: Oceanic Posidonia.

Oceanic Posidonia is a marine plant, and not an alga, which has root, stem, leaves, fruits and flowers. It forms meadows between the surface and the 40 meters of depth in waters of great quality like those of Mallorca. It is an endemic species in the Mediterranean.

Posidonia represents one of the most important natural values of the Balearic Islands, since it exerts an important function in sediments filtración thus giving a unique transparency, contributes to maintain the quality and oxygenation of the submarine ecosystem where more than 400 species of marine plants and 1,000 species of marine animals are fed and breed; many of them used in the Balearic gastronomy and, finally, the Posidonia berms on the sand avoid beaches erosion.

Photo © Manu San Felix

Posidonia is Threatened

Unfortunately, year after year the Posidonia meadows are reduced in size, due to the multiple threats to which they are subjected:

  • The mooring of many ships whose anchors and chains sweep the seabed
  • Marine pollution, mainly land-based pollution, such as wastewater treatment plants
  • Discharge of bilge water (sewage, oils and hydrocarbons) from all types of ships
  • Fishing practices that destroy the seabed
  • Increasing water temperature because theclimate change
  • Ohters…

What can I do to protect the Posidonia?

The clients and friends of MaksyBoats can contribute to the conservation of Posidonia with some simple actions:

  • Do not drop the anchor on posidonia meadows. In addition, it is prohibited, with which you could be sanctioned by the authorities
  • Do not throw garbage or waste into the sea
  • Notify the authorities if other people’s breach of these rules is detected

Among all, we can contribute our bit to save the Posidiona.

Thank you very much!!


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