Getting ready for the 2019 Season

After enjoying a well-deserved Christmas vacation with our family and friends, the MaksyBoats team has already started working for you.

We started the preparation of the 2019 season, with one main goal: to make you enjoy your vacation to the fullest on board our boats, and make you live moments that you can remember forever.

Because we think that experiences in the company of your loved ones are the best possible gift.

Pavlo, giving advice to clients, in Port de Sóller

Balance of the 2018 season

Throughout 2018, we have continued to grow, and we have made many friends enjoy during their stay in Port de Sóller.

Here are some interesting facts:

  • 917 people, including adults, children, families, couples and groups of friends, trusted us to hire a boat. We can proudly say that all the opinions were positive when they were back to Port de Sóller.
  • We have welcomed people from 36 different countries, some from as far away as Australia or New Zealand.


We are ‘excellent’, according to TripAdvisor

  • Throughout 2018 we have received 31 new ratings on TripAdvisor, all positive, reaching a total of 65 positive ratings. Exactly, 64 people rated our services as “excellent”, and 1 person as “very good”.
  • According to TripAdvisor, we are the leading company in boat hire without a license
  • We are on the 5th position among the companies that offer nautical services in Port de Sóller, however, the companies that are ahead of us do not offer boats without a license, so we are the leading company on boat hire without license.
RIB Tarpon 590 - 115 HP (with license)

Our most demanded boat in 2018

In the 2018 season, our most successful boat has been the Tarpon 470 Luxe. At the beginning of the season, we launched 3 Tarpon 470 Luxe completely new, with capacity for 8 people, and do not require a navigation license.

These have been the most demanded boats throughout the season, and our customers have been very satisfied with the experience.

Pavlo Myzynchuk

In 2019, we keep improving for you

News for the 2019 season

We have already started the preparation of the 2019 season.

During the winter months, the MaksyBoats team works on the set-up of our boats, so you can find them in perfect condition during your holidays in Mallorca.

For this 2019 season, we will continue adding new boats to our fleet of charter boats.

On our website, we also have several improvements planned, such as simplifying the booking process. We want to make things easy for you, so you just have to take care to relax and enjoy on board our boats.

Before we say goodbye (for the moment), we want to thank you once again for the trust you have placed in us!!


We wait for you in Port de Sóller

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