Sa Foradada boat trip, Mallorca

Private Boat trip to Sa Foradada. sailing the north coast of Mallorca from Port de Sóller

In today’s article, we invite you to discover one of the boat routes on the north coast of Mallorca that we make available to our clients. This is the boat excursion that leads us to the iconic Sa Foradada, in the municipality of Deià.

Sa Foradada means “the holed one”, a name that comes from the singular hole located at the end of this rocky peninsula on the north coast of Mallorca.

Although Sa Foradada has been known for decades, over the years it has become a more and more popular destination, which is not surprising given the imposing appearance of the rock.

The usual thing is to visit the viewpoint at the top of the cliffs, next to the Son Marroig estate. Today, however, we suggest you visit Sa Foradada in a different way, and thus get to know her “dark side”.

Sa Foradada, Mallorca
Sa Foradada, seen from the top of the cliffs.

We prefer (how could it be otherwise) to visit Sa Foradada from the sea, on a beautiful boat trip from Port de Sóller. This will allow us to enjoy a closer, intimate and personal vision, which will allow us to look “face to face” at that imposing “dragon” that sleeps at the foot of the Serra de Tramuntana.

Boat Rental Na Foradada Mallorca from Port de Sóller with MaksyBoats

In truth, from the top of the cliffs, one is not aware of the greatness of the rocky promontory. Down here, on the other hand, and especially on board an small boat without license that allows us to almost reach out and caress “the dragon”, one feels very small compared to the greatness of nature. It is difficult not to be impressed by the majesty of the iconic rock, Sa Foradada.

Route map to Sa Foradada

In Sa Foradada, in addition, we have the possibility of disembarking on a small jetty and ascending to the exclusive restaurant located at the top of the cliff, overlooking the small bay of Sa Foradada.

In this area you have to be very careful with the sea posidonia that covers the bottom, protected by law and responsible for the crystal clear waters of Mallorca. We will also have to be careful with submerged rocks.

Restaurante Sa Foradada
The restaurant, on top of the cliff. Downstairs, the small "port" where we can disembark and enjoy a swim.

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But Sa Foradada is not the only attraction of this boat route, far from it. Along the way, the no less iconic Cala Deià and its restaurant “Ca’s Patró March” await us, frequented by celebrities and where we can taste their rice, fish and seafood in a privileged location.

Cala Deià, Mallorca
Cala Deià, with its crystal clear waters and its restaurant "Ca's Patró March".

In addition, along the wonderful boat trip from Port de Sóller, we have the possibility to discover ancient watchtowers, mysterious caves, impressive cliffs, seabeds covered by Posidonia, small hidden coves, large rocks that seem to float in the sea, and many more surprises that are waiting to be revealed by you…

We hope you are all well.

We continue working and we wait for you where always, in Port de Sóller, wishing to see you return with big smiles on your faces. This way we will know, once again, that you have had an unforgettable experience on board our ships. And that we think is the most important thing: those indelible memories in the company of family, friends and loved ones. Memories of a life, in Mallorca.

See you soon!

Sa Foradada Restaurant - Mallorca

Paella with sea views at Sa Foradada Restaurant

Today we would like to tell you about a very special restaurant in Mallorca: The Sa Foradada Restaurant.

Special for several reasons: its privileged location overlooking the sea and the rock of Sa Foradada itself, special for its rich Mallorcan cuisine based on wood-fired rice and local fish, and special for the way we propose you to get there: by making a boat trip, enjoying a day at sea in the Serra de Tramuntana landscape.

Are you ready to live this great little adventure in Mallorca? Let’s go!

How to get to Sa Foradada Restaurant?

Our recommendation is obvious: rent a boat with MaksyBoats (with or without a license) in Port de Sóller and enjoy a wonderful boat excursion to the small jetty located under the Sa Foradada Restaurant.

Undoubtedly one of the best plans to enjoy the north coast of Mallorca is to rent a boat in Port de Sóller, and enjoy a day of sailing, with your friends or family, swimming and diving in the crystal clear waters, and then replenishing forces in this unique restaurant.

Sa Foradada boat trip, Mallorca

It is possible to get to Sa Foradada using a boat without a license, so this is a perfect excursion for beginners, people who have never sailed before.

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Why visit this restaurant?

At Sa Foradada Restaurant you can enjoy a simple but delicious cuisine: paella and fish, accompanied with salads, good desserts and good wine. All this while enjoying incredible views of the north coast of Mallorca, where the Serra de Tramuntana ends abruptly on incredible cliffs.

Sa Foradada Restaurant
Sa Foradada Restaurant © photo:


Sa Foradada Restaurant
Sa Foradada Restaurant © photo:
Sa Foradada Restaurant
Sa Foradada Restaurant © photo:

Sa Foradada Restaurant, as its name suggests, is located next to the famous rocky peninsulal, one of the island’s main tourist attractions.

And yes, it’s true, you can also walk to the restaurant, it’s a nice walk that starts in Son Marroig. We, however, prefer to go by sea, especially in summer 😉

And you, have you already known Sa Foradada Restaurant?