Flor de almendro en Mallorca

Febrero, el mes de los almendros en flor en Mallorca

With the arrival of the month of February, the fields of Mallorca undergo a beautiful transformation. The natural spectacle of flowering almond trees transforms the landscape of the island, making it more beautiful if possible. It is the phenomenon known as the “Mallorcan snow”, which today we invite you to discover.

Flor de almendro en Mallorca

Almond tree cultivation is one of the most important in Mallorca, with more than 7 million trees scattered throughout the island. These beautiful trees are scattered throughout the Mallorcan geography, but the central area of Mallorca is surely the most ideal to enjoy its flowering, which anticipates the arrival of spring.

Where to see the almond trees in bloom in Mallorca?

✔️ Serra de Tramuntana. Mountain crops give rise to a beautiful landscape, where the steep mountains of Tramuntana are the backdrop for almond fields.

✔️ In towns like Selva or Caimari, at the border of the Serra de Tramuntana we can also enjoy almond trees.

✔️ Throughout the center of Mallorca, with towns like Bunyola, Santa Maria, Llucmajor, Porreres, Felanitx …

✔️ In the eastern part of Mallorca we find towns such as Son Servera, which every year a festival is celebrated on the occasion of the flowering of almond trees.

Flor de almendro en Mallorca
Almond trees in bloom with the "Castell d'Alaró" in the background.

To say goodbye to this article, we would like to share with you a video with beautiful images of the almond trees in bloom in Mallorca.

We invite you to enjoy this show, and we take this opportunity to remind you that we will begin the season on April 1st. We wait for you!

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